NAS Stage Diving Challenge

Live Marketing -Stage Diving Simulator

The stage diving simulator provides authentic brand experience for usage at international large-scale music events. The festival’s  cultural component “stage diving” is applied to the brand and actively celebrated with the target audience. The participants of the campaign compete with one another. It’s about best posture scores, overall scores, glory and honor. It’s great fun for everyone watching. The action is filmed and aired on large screen set-sups in the immediate environment. The air cushioned hands moving pavement rotate at intervals, so that the participants have to find the right moment for takeoff to get the maximum boost.

A few basic parameters

  • Fixed installation on a truck trailer enables a fast placement on the operation site
  • Transportation measurements: 12m x 2,3m x width
  • Protection, rotation and slide pillows are empowered through internal compressors
  • Light barriers control the safe process of the operation and disconnect the unit if necessary.


For more information, please contact us. Thank you.